“When it comes to short sales, I go straight to LMS. Its great for my clients since they have no up front cost and get paid only when it settles and then get paid by the bank. As a real estate broker it is great for me since my clients get legal representation from LMS not to mention I do not have to hound the bank every few days. LMS does that and then updates me. Its a win win. I have already closed deals with LMS and have several more in the pipeline with them now. No matter if you are a home owner needing help or a real estate agent I recommend them.”

Brendan Spear, Broker Owner, Caprika Realty

“I have worked with LMS on 4 short sale deals. One in which I was on the Buyer’s side and the other 3 on the listing side. The transaction based on the buyer’s side was completed in a very timely fashion. We received approval within 60 days and settled 2 weeks thereafter. There were absolutely no issues.

As the listing agent, I find working with LMS to be extremely less stressful for me. I have completed over 20 short sales on my own and the stress level was unreal. Constantly calling banks and being placed on hold for sometimes hours at a time. With LMS, I just hand the file over and wait until Thursdays for my weekly update, which conveniently goes out via email to all parties so everyone is always in the loop. Again, saving me time. When a timing issue arises or a buyers stresses concerns I notify LMS immediately, I get a response email within minutes. They hop on the phone and start making calls getting me the latest information and updates.

I will always use LMS as my preferred short sales negotiators and will always recommend them to my colleagues.”

Sharleen Kutrumbis, Associate Broker, RE/MAX Realty Centre

“LMS exceeded all expectations! Mathew and I lack words to express our joy. LMS will forever remain at the top of our referral list to friends and family. Thanks again LMS.”

Glory Dioh-Esona, Seller

“The services of LMS are consistently provided in a professional manner. My clients and I experience routine follow up and are kept informed from start to finish. LMS has a team of highly skilled professionals who provide great service with a positive attitude and an excellent work ethic. At the ned of the day, I have a satisfied client and LMS makes me look good. Using LMS to negotiate the short sale allows me to focus on doing what I do best – sell houses. LMS Law LLC would be an asset to any real estate professional and I am happy to give my endorsement.”

Lisa Sabelhaus, RE/MAX Town Center

“I have been working with LMS since 2010.  They are a great addition to the services I provide to my short sale clients.  Their team of professionals takes care of the negotiating process, allowing me to focus on keeping my clients happy.”

Jon Lahey, RE/MAX Town Centre

“I want to thank you for the successful dealings we have had together with helping many homeowners in distress. With all the balls that we have up in the air, LMS streamlines the short sale process so well for us that all we have to do is list and sell properties! This helps limit the liability on our end as Realtors so we do not have to speak to banks or handle sensitive information for our clients like social security numbers or bank account information.

One of the best things I like about LMS is that you have the manpower to seamlessly work these complicated short sale transactions. Having a closing department is especially important because so much attention to detail is needed. Being proactive with knowing what the bank wants before they ask for it is amazing! With the added benefit of the volume of business that your company handles, the relationships that your company builds with the contacts at the banks are crucial. These relationships help us get an answer much faster.

Lastly, knowing the different nuances about the different loan types has really helped us save time with our approvals. Being able to identify if the sellers have any steps to complete with their lender before the property goes on the market also helps keep the buyers engaged in the short sale process. This is one of the biggest battles we have to deal with. Not to mention your weekly updates. There is no other company that offers this type of service.

Our last short sale was approved in 30 days! Keep up the great work in making us look amazing!”

Beth Quigley, RE/MAX First Choice

“Until I was fortunate enough to have one of my title attorneys refer me to LMS, short sales were indeed long sales! LMS’s extraordinary group of trained professionals not only makes the process easier, but much quicker to close! I recommend LMS Law LLC in the highest degree. Time is money. Moreover, peace of mind is priceless! You will profit highly by using LMS for ALL of your short sales!”

Sharon Mezei, Prudential PenFed Realty

“James Weiskerger, one the company’s Managing Partners, and the rest of his team have made an immeasurable contribution to my business in the past year, for which I am extremely grateful! Their commitment to seeing the transaction to the finish line is clear and their follow- up through the process is a huge benefit toward my client’s satisfaction and mine.”

Melissa King, RE/MAX Realty Centre

“To the Team of LMS:

I have been in real estate for more than a decade. As the business has turned to distressed properties, I had to change the type of business that we were going after. In taking on short sales, I was very frustrated with the amount of time and energy it took to get them to settlement.

Sometimes, it just never happened and we had months of work invested. Now that I’ve found LMS, I enjoy taking on short sales. They allow me to do what I would normally do on any other transaction, and they handle the entire short sale portion of the deal. It is a match made in heaven. Any agent doing short sales would be well advised to work with LMS…they will make your life a thousand times easier.”

Karim Harried, Excellence Realty

“We cannot begin to adequately express our deep appreciation and gratitude for all that you and your team did to help us throughout this process. We want to thank you so much for your dedication, patience and perseverance, without all of which we probably would not have been able to bring this short sale to a successful close.

Having an underwater mortgage and being denied a short sale once by the bank, we took a huge leap of faith and trusted you to work a miracle! It was a relief from the initial meeting with James. Everything was handled very professionally. You kept us informed every step of the way during this long process. It was comforting to know that we could talk the to same person who knew our file, for any question we had. Your customer service was reassuring and you are hands down the BEST when it came to responding to emails. Your dedicated attention made us feel as though we were your only clients.

You have miraculously negotiated with two lenders, on our behalf, to help alleviate the stress of having an underwater mortgage. Without you and your team, we most likely would have faced foreclosure which would have been devastating. You have gone above and beyond to make this nightmare become a smooth transaction and we are forever grateful!

PS: We’ve already referred your names to a co-worker in a similar situation and we will unhesitatingly continue to refer your names to anyone in need of your services!”

John and Liz, Sellers