How we help you

LMS acts as the back office support for busy real estate professionals who are better served selling homes rather than collecting documents and constantly calling the banks for updates or negotiations.

In order to perform our best for you, we have some guidelines in place that we ask all of our clients to follow so we can keep working hard to get your short sale completed:


Patience – Short sales are very complex and stressful. They can take anywhere from 75-120 days (or more) from Package submission to Settlement (Traditional Short Sales, Non-FHA). FHA Short Sales can add 30-90 additional days depending if a loan modification was completed or not. Sellers must go through the loan modification process first, be declined, and then proceed to short sale application.


LMS contacts all parties as needed, and ASAP when deliverables are requested or decisions need to be made. LMS expects a response within 48 hours or within timeline stated by the short sale bank.

LMS emails weekly updates on all active files with a contract to both Realtors and Seller(s).

All phone calls and emails will be returned within 24 business hours.

For emergency situations, emails are the best form of communication for accountability and liability reasons.

Do not make repeated phone calls in the same day. All our case managers are trained to return calls within 24 hours.


Sellers need to provide all documents requested by LMS on a timely basis, as the short sale bank requires these documents. Failure to deliver documents in a timely manner could result in the file being declined or closed out.

Sellers, Realtors, and Title Companies need to respond to all LMS requests, questions, counter offer terms, or anything associated with the short sale on a timely basis. Failure to respond in a timely manner could result in the file being declined or closed out.

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