LMS’s mission is to help as many distressed homeowners to complete a short sale. We do our best to make sure your file comes to closure and/or provide the best available options for their situation.

LMS Law LLC was created specifically to meet the demands of the short sale marketplace. We provide back office support throughout the short sale process by working with hundreds of real estate professionals and title companies that seek our expertise and guidance. Our successful formula for short sale execution coupled with steady communication with our clients is what separates us from other third party negotiators.

Our goal is to provide the best back-office support to real estate professionals while helping homeowners complete their short sale without having to endure the stress and consequences that are often associated with the transaction.

LMS is credit service licensed as required by the State of Maryland, Department of Labor and Licensing (DLLR).  The license is required in order to negotiate deficiency judgments, promissory notes, and cash contributions often associated with short sales. We aim to negotiate these consequences away so the homeowner’s burden doesn’t have to continue once the process is over.