We’re Quick

Average Total Duration of Short Sale from Contract to Closing: 67 Days

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We’re Generous

6% commission to Realtors  (Subject to Bank/Investor's Guidelines)

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We’re Honest

We do not charge any upfront fees for coordinating and negotiating the short sale to our sellers

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We’re Successful

Closing Ratio: 92% (Based on committed short sale buyers)

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Here at LMS Law LLC, we took a laborious and demanding process and created a systematic approach to facilitate your short sale from document collection all the way to settlement. Our staff works hard to provide back office short sale support for Realtors who don’t have the time or do not wish to process facilitate the short sale themselves. We know that successful short sales require a dedication to nursing the file from beginning to end which includes educating the homeowner, complete documentation gathering prior to receiving a ratified contract, consistent follow up with the bank and conveying all information including counter offers, and terms of the release for the homeowner. This valuable service allows Realtors to save precious time and allow them do what they do best – sell the home and sell market more real estate.

Our step-by-step process begins as soon as a Real Estate Agent receives a Listing Agreement. Just send it to us and we will get in touch with you and your seller(s) to begin the document collection process – even if you don’t yet have a contract. We take time to answer the homeowners’ questions, collect all the necessary documents from them, and work with the bank to try to get the short sale approved.

LMS uses a 3rd party online database platform called Short Sale Commander that allows Realtors to gain access to their files and review the work being done on them throughout each step of the short sale process in a couple of clicks.
In addition, LMS provides a general status update every Friday to all parties involved. This keeps everyone in the loop giving a sense of security and accountability.


LMS Partners with Realtors

LMS wants to take the burden of short sales off of your shoulders. We relieve the pressure from you by taking over the process from document collection, to following up with the bank regularly, to negotiating the terms of the short sale. We touch each file every 1-2 days, we confirm receipt of documents with the bank via phone after 48 hours, and we send weekly updates to keep you informed of the status of your file.

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Customer Feedback

I have been in real estate for more than a decade. As the business has turned to distressed properties, I had to change the type of business that we were going after. In taking on short sales, I was very frustrated with the amount of time and energy it took to get them to settlement.

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Karim Harried | Excellence Realty

To the team of LMS,

“I wanted to let you guys know that if it weren’t for your efforts, I don’t believe my short sale listing would have ever closed.  In addition to keeping on top of BOA each day, your participation at settlement was integral to making both the buyer and seller delighted with the final outcome.

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Damon Poquette, Keller Williams Flagship of MD | Pat Hiban real Estate Group


Greetings LMS I am writing this note to say thank you for all the hard work that you guys do on the short sale files for my brokerage here at Jason Ellis Realty.

One of the things that I appreciate the most about you guys is that I know I depend on you guys to focus solely on our short sale files without being worried about secondary business (ie. loan modification, title work etc.) interfering with the task at hand.  This by far sets you guys a part and I am appreciate of the attentiveness that you display on each and every one of our cases.

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Derrick Jason Smith | JPrincipal Broker/Owner | Jason Ellis Realty

LMS exceeded all expectations! Mathew and I lack words to express our joy. LMS will forever remain at the top of our referral list to friends and family. Thanks again.

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Glory Dioh-Esona

I went from refusing to do short sales to spending, or shall I say wasting, a tremendous amount of time attempting to do one myself, to almost looking forward to listing a short sale once I experienced a listing transaction where LMS Law LLC simply made it absolutely painless.

The team at LMS were able to systematically do all the coordination, client hand holding and weekly updates for me that turned an otherwise ’dreaded listing’ into an ‘as-is’ pleasurable and ‘pain free’ sale.

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Adrian Sushko | Garceau Realty | Baltimore, MD

I am an agent that loves control. That control was taking its toll on my Real Estate career.  Going to ‘get the business’ and fight with banks was becoming a hassle and slowing down production. LMS took on a difficult file for me with 2 lienholders. The second lienholder was Greentree and the reputation of this bank was not good at all from the online reviews. LMS handled the file both quickly and efficiently and freed me up to be a Realtor and not a Short Sale Specialist. I love the weekly updates they provide. This gives the buyer confidence that the file is being worked on and their contract is in play. I highly recommend LMS to a Realtor.

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Greg Evans | Signature Executive Realtors, Inc. | Alexandra, Virginia

I am always looking for good partners to personally work with and good vendors to share to the other associates. I have worked with many Short Sale negotiators.  LMS is the first that had a clear written process and actually deliver the same level of expertise on every deal.

My clients along with the co-op agent love the weekly updates.  When they say they will update you on every file, they do.  Many agents in our region have learned that LMS is a successful negotiator and when the buyer’s agent asks their SS qualifying questions, once I mention that the SS is being negotiated by LMS, the conversation is over.  Agents who are doing many SS know that LMS is a serious shop that gets the job done.    Not sure how many deals they can process, however, they are currently processing close to ten of my deals and with that leverage I have increased my short sale listings and list to close.

I recommend LMS to every agent that says they are looking for a good negotiator and I highly advise all agents that are still attempting the facilitate their own SS’s to switch to a proven company.

-Frank Godfrey

When it comes to short sales, I go straight to LMS. Its great for my clients since they have no up front cost and get paid only when it settles and then get paid by the bank. As a real estate broker it is great for me since my clients get legal representation from LMS not to mention I do not have to hound the bank every few days. LMS does that and then updates me. Its a win win. I have already closed deals with LMS and have several more in the pipeline with them now. No matter if you are a home owner needing help or a real estate agent I recommend them.

~Brendan Spear

Broker Owner | Caprika Realty

Bowie, MD